Recipe #2 – Fruit in a Salad

Treat your salads with a bit more respect.  Don’t overload them with toppings, or douse it in some sort of dressing.  A salad is a wonderful canvas to explore flavors and textures and you do your salad discredit when you think of it as a dumping receptacle for nineteen different toppings or merely as a dish to be ignored on your way to the main dish.  DOWN WITH BORING SALAD!

And because nothing tastes better than effort, here’s how to make your own quick pickled shallots.

Cook Well, Eat Well, Live Well.

CookEatLive Premiere – 3 WEEKS LEFT

Only three more weeks until the premiere of my new show Cook Eat Live.  This recipes comes from a cookbook Christmas gift, The Complete Asian Cookbook Series: China by Charmaine Solomon, and I learned a lot of new techniques that I will continue to use in the rest of my cooking.  For example, frying dried chilies in oil works wonders in making something spicy.  It does mean you need excellent ventilation because the smoke from frying hot peppers is something akin to riot gas.  #whydoesmyskinburn

CookEatLive premieres on YouTube and Facebook on Thursday, May 5th. Subscribe to check out and see all the delicious food that you yourself can start making today!

Cook Eat Live Show Premiere – 4 Weeks

I have been working on a quirky cooking show for what seems like five years but is actually more like eight.  It’s something that has taken me a lot of hours pacing and pondering over.  Blood.  Sweat. Tears. Olive Oil. A little bit of crushed garlic. Ham. Maybe put some arugula. Ooo, and a dash of…well anyway, I shed it all for this project. This here is the first entry in my ad campaign (a thing that makes me feel a little dirty when I talk about it for some reason), and you can bet your bottom that there will be more.

Cook Eat Live premieres on May 5th. Subscribe  on YouTube to catch it!

4th of July Oddity

I witnessed this during a 4th of July party at a house named Ghost Gardens.  The owner of the house wanted to . . .

You know, I don’t think an explanation is fitting here.  While it’s sort of a cop-out to rely on the bizarreness by not giving an explanation, I’m not entirely sure that explaining exactly what is going on would help you understand it any more.  Just know there were goats around the stage, doorknobs sticking out of the ground, and baskets filled with spoons nailed to the walls.

Phil & Rosco Cower At The Feet Of Technology

Phil and Rosco are sitting on a couch, watching a laptop that is sitting on the coffee table in front of them.  They are laughing, watching funny videos online.

PHIL:  Hahahaha, that one was good, but you have to see this other one.  It has a guy with a hat shaped like a giant hippo and –

ROSCO:  You mean the one where he splashes his grandmother with the motor oil?

PHIL:  Yeah, but it’s a new video, just came out a few days ago.

Phil leans over and types some and then clicks.  The sound of a man speaking in falsetto and in a bad Armenian accent can be heard, although his words are undecipherable.  Phil and Rosco sit, watching and waiting for the funny moment to happen. 

PHIL:  Here it comes!  Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight –

Suddenly, the laptop turns off, with a dead battery symbol appearing on the screen.  Phil and Rosco sit in silence, their faces turning from anticipatory glee to befuddled horror.  They sit, staring at the dead laptop.  Then they look at each other.  Then they look around the room.  There is a large tv, with a dvd player under it, and a TiVO under that.  A large stereo lies on the floor, with multiple game consoles sitting around it.  There are piles of dvds, cds and books all over the room, as well as a large pile of board games.

ROSCO:  Well . . . I guess I’m . . . uh, going home.

PHIL:  Yeah.  Uh . . . yeah.

Rosco hesitates a moment, and then slowly gets up and walks to the front door.

PHIL:  Wait!

Rosco turns around.

PHIL:  (staring at a deck of cards lying near the laptop)  Maybe we could . . .


PHIL: (shaking his head) Naw, that’s a stupid idea.  See you later.

Rosco leaves.