It’s Only Love by The Beatles

This shall be my last foray into the world of Soundcloud, as it’s too damned expensive to get more than two hours worth of space and I’m sick of creating new accounts under false emails.

A Change Is Gonna Come

By Sam Cooke

Why is it we can never seem to do justice to our most cherished songs?  Alas, I can not play any stringed instruments other than guitar and I only had a couple of hours to finish this.  I always promise myself that I will return and record songs again when I don’t like the final outcome, but the truth is I think I just need more practice at them.

That being the case, this song has held a special significance to me for awhile (especially last year when I was both in a play, found a romance, lost a job, started this blog and then found a job), and I always feel its weight when listening to/playing/singing it.  So is this rendition great?  Naw, not by a long shot.  Do I regret doing it?  Not a chance.