Phil & Rosco Talk Music

Phil and Rosco are in a music store, looking through albums.  Phil picks one up and looks at the title.

PHIL: “Cock, Rocks and Gummi Bears”.  Where do they come up with these titles?

ROSCO:  Trash cans.

PHIL: What?

ROSCO:  Their trash cans.

PHIL:  What are you talking about?

ROSCO:  They look into their trash cans, pick out three items, and then that’s what they name the album.

PHIL:  No, that can’t be.

ROSCO:  It’s true.  The first three items they pick out are the titles.  Fool any “Music Snob”.  And any trash can will do.

PHIL:  Any trash can?

ROSCO:  Yup.

PHIL:  What would yours be then?

ROSCO: “Beer Bottles, Condoms and Q-Tips”.

Pause.  Another shopper stop near them as Phil thinks about his trash can.

PHIL:  “Tissues, Magazines and Bad Tuna.”

ROSCO:  See?

PHIL:  Hmmm.

PASSERBY:  Dude, that Bad Tuna album is so fresh.  Not as good as their first album though.

ROSCO: I rest my case.