Isle Roatan

I took a vacation with my mom earlier this year, and shot this video from our balcony (our room had a balcony.  Our room on the boat had a balcony.  I still think that’s wild.)  Nothing could have prepared me for the deep, rich blue bluey blueness of the ocean.  The trip was amazing.  I mean, honestly, if this video represents the most boring it got, that’s not too shabby.

I Can’t Learn From My Experiences Unless I Make A List Of Funny Observations

– I am capable of having 12+ drinks a day without any noticeable ill effects.

– Apparently, the color of the ocean is supposed to be blue.  LA living has not prepared me for the utter blue bluey blueness of the ocean.– The opposite of “yoink” is “plop”.

– The real New Orleans is outside of the French Quarter, just like the real Los Angeles is outside of Beverly Hills.– The little stick figures I draw on all the bills I sign for to spread joy actually works!

– I’m afraid I am losing my hair.

– Gin Martinis > Vodka Martinis, no question.

– Working out everyday while on vacation is absolutely feasible.

– Dieting on vacation, however, is not.

– Cruise lines aren’t staffed by Americans.  I only met 1 or 2 American workers on the ship the entire time.  It was explained to me that the cruise doesn’t pay enough.  “If they paid well, all these jobs would be filled with Americans.”

– Louisiana Pain Perdu > French Toast, bar none.

– I could get EXTREMELY used to fine 3 – 4 course meals for dinner.

– Travel + Chain Restaurant = Silly

– In America, the distance between extreme poverty and extreme wealth is usually miles.  In small countries, you only need to turn your head to the next house.

– Being required to use your passport to travel and but not having it stamped is a great injustice.

– Freshly made pizza, available 24/7, is a dangerous thing.

– If you always talk out of your ass but happen to be right at least 50% of the time, you aren’t intuitive, you’re lucky.

– Southern Comfort Manhattans ROCK!

– The best time to start taking photos/videos of your vacation is while you are packing.

– It’s easy to live without the internet for a couple of weeks as long as you don’t mind the feeling of constant information flow being replaced with ignorance of daily affairs akin to a Neanderthal’s.

– It is not easy for me, however, to live without my guitar for two weeks.

– On Isla Roatan, the houses have no numbers on them.  They are known bu their colors instead.  “I live in the true blue house on the south side of the island.”  I support this system.

– To calm a turtle down, rub the underside of their neck.– The money saved at Duty Free Shops

– Standing on the highest desk on a moving boat singing “Never Gonna Give You Up” loudly in the middle of the night is awesome.

– Even though I have spent, in rough estimation, maybe a year – year and a half with my father all together, it is extremely apparent that I am my father’s son.

– It had been 13 years between this vacation, and my last.  I am afraid that it will be just as long until my next vacation.