Predict This! Music Video

I narrated my first non-fiction book this past winter and I found the experience very pleasant.  The book is Predictive Analytics: The Power to Predict Who Will Click, Buy, Lie, or Die by Eric Siegel.  I have always been wary of reading non-fiction aloud as I had the impression narrating would be boring without any characters or plot to portray, although I have read some fiction that apparently had both but lord help me if I could tell the difference.

But this book was very much fun to read and all of the credit goes to the author, Eric, whose humorous style blends history, anecdotes, technobabble, nerd culture, and some truly fascinating ideas that is the stuff science (non)fiction is made of to create a warm introduction into a field that would send most of us screeching with utter abandonment.

Included in the audiobook (which will see its own post here soon enough) is the funky rap tune “Predict This!”–an all-original song, also written by Eric.  It can be quite catchy, so don’t go blaming me when you find yourself humming it.  And if you keep your eyes  peeled, you will see someone familiar around 3:10.

You can pick up a copy of Eric’s book on or from his website Predictive Analytics World, where you can find more information on predictive analytics as well.

Infomercial for Nerd-B-Gone

Two guys are sitting on a park bench, talking.

GUY 1: Yeah, you know, I don’t really like Battlestar Galactica.  It’s so transparent and –


ANNOUNCER:  Are you a nerd?  Do you get violently angry when your friends dislike the movie or tv show or comic book or band that you like?  Then try Nerd-B-Gone, the latest pharmaceutical that helps abate your geeky rage.

Two other guys walking down the street.

GUY 3:  Firefly is so overrated.

Guy 4 kicks Guy 3 in the groin and runs off.

GUY 4:  I try to understand my friends, but their opinions are wrong and I can’t handle it.

ANNOUNCER:  Not anymore!  With the help of Nerd-B-Gone, you too can have a normal conversation.  When a dork hears an opinion that is a dissenting view point, the opinion travels through the ears and into the brain, where is activates the rage center of the brain and sends messages to the mouth and body to create a violent reaction.  Nerd-B-Gone blocks these signals sent out from the brain, and replaces them with polite comments.

Two guys at a restaurant.

GUY 5:  Alan Moore?  I thought all comic books were about stupid superheros.

Guy 6 begins to say something, then stops.  His face turns beet red, and he begins to tremble and foam at the mouth slightly.

GUY 6: (having difficulty speaking) . . . that is . . . a valid opinion . . . how . . . how . . . thoughtful of you to say so . . .

Guy 6 passes out.

ANNOUNCER:  With Nerd-B-Gone, you can rejoin polite society!  Warning: Nerd-B-Gone may cause brain hemorrhaging, aneurysms, dry mouth, constipation, an increase in stupid and inane friends, and rectal bleeding.  Talk to your doctor today to see if Nerd-B-Gone is right for you!