Death Head Radio Drama

Man, I have some cool friends.  Zack and Nick Keller, both of whom I have worked with on previous audio projects, wrote a comic book series for Death Head Comics called Death Head, a story about a family, a hidden danger in the woods, and a deadly mask.  (A note for all you young artists: you want to work on cool projects? MAKE COOL FRIENDS.)  I was approached to see if I could make an audioplay out of the first issue (half of the first issue, really); partly in hopes that Dark Horse might want to turn the entire series into an audioplay, but mostly just because it seemed like a neat idea.

And it was.

This features the wonderful talents of two more of my friends, Nathan Bock and Reut Sklar.  I work with Reut at the day job and Nathan and I went to high school together (see previous note).  Oh, and it’s best experienced with headphones.

It’s release also coincides with Dark Horse Comics’ release of the trade paperback of the entire Death Head series.  If the audioplay piques your interest, you can find out what happens later in the story by picking up a copy.  Get one from Amazon, Dark Horse, or select comic book stores.

Wake the Devil – By Zack Keller

My friend Zack Keller wrote this while romping through France, after getting stuck in a church because of the rain.  I’ve also read another story of his, Canyon in the Clouds, and will also be narrating his first novel, The Success of Suexliegh, each of which is available on Amazon.  You can also check out his new collaborative serial, Meet Me At The Falls, that he has co-wrote with John Dusenberry and Ben Tuller, or his own blog,  I’d narrate those, too, but I haven’t gotten permission yet (although that never stopped me before), and narrating a blog is just silly (although that never stopped me before, either).