CookEatLive Premiere – 1 WEEK LEFT

In reality, there is really only a day and a half left, but I have to wait for Food Tuesdays to come around to post and blah blah blah.

STILL!  Make sure to check out the other promos, subscribe to the channel on YouTube, like our Facebook page, and follow it on Instagram.  I’m branching into more social media, no matter how uncomfortable it makes me, dammit.  And definitely tune back in this Thursday, May 5th @ noon to catch the premiere of CookEatLive!


CookEatLive Show Premiere – 2 WEEKS LEFT

Only two more weeks until the premiere of CookEatLive, the show that teaches you about all the things that many other cooking shows never go into but that all chefs/cooks have learned to do.  Check it out on YouTube or Facebook on May 5th and start making your meals extraordinary!