CookEatLive knows that enjoying life through the act of cooking for and eating food with other people is one of the more unique and impacting traditions that humans have created.  It is how we communicate between generations and cultures, and CookEatLive wants to help you join in on the fun.  Watch our videos to learn about the basics that all professionally trained chefs and self-taught home cooks have learned to do alike! We’re on YouTube , Facebook, and Instagram!  And remember: Cook Well, Eat Well, Live Well.

CookEatLive Lessons

The heart of CookEatLive, these lessons have you practicing basics that will give your cooking skills the strongest base to progress from.


Not just concerned with why we cook the way we do, CookEatLive’s Recipes focus on how to make a particular dish.  No measurements, no exact recipes; just general guidelines that teach you the basics of the dish while allowing you all the room to augment and experiment as much as your heart desires. Each recipe has a corresponding How-To video that further explains how to do one part of the recipe to make sure your cooking quests are always a success.


If the Lessons and Recipes take care of the “Why” and “How” of cooking, ICANCOOK delves into the “What”. Released every other week ICANCOOK highlights the things Nic cooks for himself and his friends.  The variety of things to cook and make should not be a daunting task; it should be a joyous journey! Share your own culinary adventures with CookEatLive by using the hashtags #icancookanything and #CookEatLiveShow.

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