This is why I know how to make balloon animals.  The original idea was to fill the one I busted with “blood”, but it couldn’t be done without getting it all over the audience.  I then asked if the sound engineer could get the sound of a crying puppy, but he didn’t want to try to find that sound.  And so, no special effects, just a clown in a straight-jacket making balloon animals with a large knife made of wood.

All right, y’all, this is the last of the old videos of me from high school that I’ll be putting on for awhile.  After this, it all new stuff, I swear to God.

And if any of you can tell me what the hell “kommienezuspadt” means, I will give you cookies.

Seriously, I will make them, box them, and send them to you.  For free.

Kindergarten Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. was my first hero.  Even at a young age, I was inspired by his message of inclusion and acceptance.  So when my teacher said we were to pick an American icon to portray in our school assembly, I knew exactly who I wanted to be.

On a separate note, I like how the suit coat  I’m wearing goes past my knees.

* Thanks to me madre for not only keeping the video, but transferring it to dvd for me.

The Pain of the Macho – Miss East LA

I did a one-man show once about Latinos living in Southwest America called “Pain of the Macho” by Rick Najera.  One of the monologues called for me to don a dress and walk out on stage carrying a bouquet of roses, and I was more than happy to oblige.  But while rehearsing, I had a wonderful idea to get two of my stage crew (all men) and dress them in drag too.  We were Charlie’s Angels out of a Lynch film, and it was great fun.