The Success of Suexliegh – Chapter 1

Paperback and ebook editions available on Amazon –

The Success of Suexliegh

Written by Zack Keller –
Narrated by Nicolas D. Frantela
Music by Nick Keller –

Long time readers will know I have a love of audiobooks and stories, and that as of late I have been reading many of the works of my friend Zack Keller, AND THIS POST IS NO EXCEPTION!  Starting today, I will be narrating his first novel, The Success of Suexliegh, which is available on Amazon.  The story follows Suexliegh, the world’s richest man, who fails to pay his taxes which sends the entire world into financial ruin and him to prison. It’s a riches to rags story about the high life, loss of liberty, and the true pursuit of happiness — one that cannot be purchased.

A new chapter will come out every other week, so if your ears like what they hear, continue to tune in!

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