La Bomba Del Amanecer

bomba1Sweet.  Messy.  Totally fun.

It’s Abraham Lincoln’s birthday today!  To celebrate, I have created a drink to honor his memory.  Happy Birthday Abe!



Okay, maybe that’s not entirely true.  Tequila doesn’t really symbolize our 16th president.  But it does symbolize Mexico (to an extent), and Linocln was a friend of Mexico: Abe opposed the Mexican-American War, and in return Mexican president Juárez refused aid to the confederates (and actually jailed rebel soldiers that went to him to ask for help).  So this drink more symbolizes our continuing friendship with our neighbor to the south.


Okay, I’m pulling that out of my butt, too.  This drink doesn’t have anything to do with friendship, unless you’re talking about my relationship with liquor, in which case, it’s not friendship, but eternal love.  However, today is Lincoln’s birthday, so DRINK UP!

bomba2La Bomba Del Amanecer

– Tequila
– Cerveza (Mexican Beer)
– Grenadine
– Orange Juice

The real reason I made this drink is because I wanted to create a ‘bomb’ drink, which is a drink in which you drop a shot of liquor into a beer, and I wanted it to involve tequila.  Now there is already a Mexican Car Bomb out there (it’s a shot of tequila dropped into a cerveza), so I needed to bump it up a notch.

  • Fill a glass ½ – ¾ way with a cerveza of your choosing.
  • Fill one shot glass with tequila.
  • Fill another shot glass ¾ with orange juice, and then pour grenadine slowly down the side so it pools on the bottom of the glass.


    Like so.

  • At the same time, drop each shot glass into the cerveza, with the tequila going in first.


  • Swirl the glass once.
WARNING - Splashing may occur.

WARNING – Splashing may occur.

  • Chug.  Chug it!  Don’t be a wuss; this is a bomb, not a fine wine!  CHUG-A LUG IT!

This is essentially a mash-up of a Mexican Car Bomb and a Tequila Sunrise, hence the name, which my Spanish speaking friends assure me means Sunrise Bomb (although I don’t really know; I can barely speak English).  I wasn’t quite sure how this mix would turn out, but I am glad to say that it surpassed all of my hopes.  Instead of mixing all together, the drink tastes more like it was layered.  If I can get poetic here for a moment (and like you can do anything to stop me), it’s like watching an actual sunrise: the night of Cerveza first, then the agave flavor of the tequila starts to shine, which then is coupled with the cresting sun of orange juice, and then the pure sweetness of the grenadine of the full sun at the very end.  It’s incredibly tasty, a lot of fun, and can get you pretty drunk if you’re not careful.  In other words, it’s the perfect drink for a hot summer day.


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