Generalizations Can Be Dangerous Things

Credit must be given to Zack Keller, an old college buddy, who conveyed the story of this quote to me a few weeks after I met him.  Now that I’m saying it, I’ve pretty much ripped off his story, but I feel safe having been the first one to put it into a cartoon medium (to my knowledge).  I also don’t feel any guilt since I am about to promote his own blog,, his first published book, The Success Of Suexliegh (available on, and also his web series Dick Figures, which now that I say it, shares a lot of similarities to my cartoons style-wise.

One of the things that let’s me know I’m a good person (more or less), is that my jealousy in my friend’s success is overshadowed by my utter joy for my friend’s success.  By just how much will remain my information for the time being.

You got something to say? Go ahead, I dare ya . . .

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