Hard Time Parking

A silver Toyota Camry drives up and pulls easily into the only remaining space in a completely full parking structure.  An Old Man and Old Woman, both on their way to an enjoyable dinner and movie, step out of the car. Just as they begin to walk away a team of three men wearing all black with masks and gun burst onto the scene.

SOLDIER1: (in full gear) Get back in the car!! Get back in the car!!

OLD MAN: (nonchalantly, pulling out wallet) Hold on, hold on. Here, here’s $50. That oughta let you guys buys yourselves something nice. Now leave me alone.

OLD WOMAN:  (hands in the air) Charles!

OLD MAN:  Us! Leave us alone.

SOLDIER1:  What?! We don’t want your money!

SOLDIER2:  (grabbing the wallet) Shut up.  (to the OLD WOMAN) Ma’am, you heard the man, get back in the car!

SOLDIER3 has taken position behind the car.

SOLDIER3:  There are too many of them!

OLD MAN:  I don’t see anything.

OLD WOMAN:  What’s this all about?

SOLDIER2:  They’re moving! Get ready!!

SOLDIER3:  It’s now or never!

SOLDIER1:  Sir! You need to leave the area.  Now!

OLD MAN:  What for? There’s nothing there.

SOLDIER1:  Sir! For your own safety I highly recommend you get in your vehicle and drive away!

OLD MAN:  This is ridiculous; there is nothing . . . who are you people? I want to see some ident –

SOLDIER3:  Oh shit!!

SOLDIER2:  I see one!

SOLDIER3:  Damn! He’s fast!

SOLDIER2:  I lost them!

OLD WOMAN: Honey, maybe we should just go –

OLD MAN:  No! We searched forty minutes for this spot.

SOLDIER1:  Get in the car!!

SOLDIER3:  Get over here!

SOLDIER1 moves towards SOLDIER3.

SOLDIER1:  Last chance.

OLD WOMAN:  Unlock the door Charles.

OLD MAN:  No. We got this space fair and square.

SOLDIER2:  (falls)  I’m hit! I’m hit!

OLD WOMAN:  Charles!

SOLDIER3:  I got you!

SOLDIER1:  Fall back! There’s too many!

OLD WOMAN:  Charles Woodard Smith! You open this door right now!

OLD MAN:  But honey…

OLD WOMAN:  Right now!! I want out of here!

OLD MAN:  (fiddling with keys)  I can’t get it.

OLD WOMAN:  I see them! I see them! Charles!!

SOLDIER3:  Two at our twelve! Look alive!!

OLD WOMAN:  (frantically)  Let me in! Let me in!

The OLD MAN opens the door and the OLD WOMAN opens the door and jumps in. The car peels out in reverse and speeds out of the parking lot. SOLDIER2 slowly stands up from his wound.  SOLDIER3 and SOLDIER1 watch the car race off. Then another car drives up and pulls into the parking space. They all put their guns and masks in the car and start to walk to the movie.

DRIVER:  Next time, we should just start with Plan B.


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