A Series of Texts During Working Hours That Makes No Earthly Sense

NIC:  I want corn bread.

JOE:  Yeah, me too.  (drags cigarette)

NIC:  Great, now I want a cigarette.

JOE:  Yeah, me too.  (drags corn bread)

NIC:  (sweeps up corn bread crumbs, rolls them into a cigarette, lights it, takes a drag) . . . . Somehow this is nothing like smoking corn bread or eating a cigarette.


Wait, that’s not right.


. . . No . . . wait . . .


. . . no, that’s right.

JOE: (empties ash tray into cornmeal, sugar, salt, and baking powder, stirs in egg, milk, and vegetable oil, pours onto pan, places in oven preheated at 400 degrees)

NIC: Oh my.

JOE:  (waits 20-25 minutes)

NIC: (chews cigarette)  To help pass the time, you know.


JOE: Oh shit, it’s burning.

NIC:  (takes drag of burning tobaccocornloaf) Mmmmmm, now that’s what I’ve been missing.

You got something to say? Go ahead, I dare ya . . .

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