A Change Is Gonna Come

By Sam Cooke

Why is it we can never seem to do justice to our most cherished songs?  Alas, I can not play any stringed instruments other than guitar and I only had a couple of hours to finish this.  I always promise myself that I will return and record songs again when I don’t like the final outcome, but the truth is I think I just need more practice at them.

That being the case, this song has held a special significance to me for awhile (especially last year when I was both in a play, found a romance, lost a job, started this blog and then found a job), and I always feel its weight when listening to/playing/singing it.  So is this rendition great?  Naw, not by a long shot.  Do I regret doing it?  Not a chance.

You got something to say? Go ahead, I dare ya . . .

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