Phil and Rosco on a Lazy Sunday

Phil and Rosco are in a car, with Phil driving.  It is a bright sunny day.

PHIL: I’m so glad we are getting to hang out together.

ROSCO: I know, right?

PHIL: It’s been forever since we’ve spent time together.

ROSCO: Not since that weekend I made us both get drunk on absinth start digging to China.

PHIL: Yeah.  So what do you want to do?

ROSCO:  I don’t know.  Anything.

PHIL:  You told me you had a couple of ideas, some things to do to have fun.

ROSCO:  Ehhhhhh, they mostly had to do with sneaking into movie theatres and pretending we worked there.

PHIL: That . . . doesn’t sound very fun.

ROSCO: And so I’m up for anything.


PHIL:  Ooooooooooooookay.


PHIL:  Do you want to see a movie?


PHIL:  How about the Pineapple Grille?  We usually have fun there.

ROSCO:  I’m not allowed back there anymore.

PHIL:  What?  Why?

ROSCO:  There was some . . .  uh, unpleasantness.

PHIL:  Ummmm . . . okay.


PHIL:  Well, let’s just drive around until we think of something.


ROSCO:  Okay.

Pause.  They drive by a Bentley Auto Dealership.

ROSCO:  Hey!  I got an idea!

PHIL:  Yeah?

ROSCO:  Do you like stealing?


PHIL:  Ummmm, no.

ROSCO:  What?

PHIL: I don’t like stealing.

ROSCO:  Oh.  (Pause.)  Nevermind then.  I got nothing.

They continue to drive in silence.


PHIL:  No!


End of scene.


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