A Night of Drinking via Haikus

To start off tonight
A gin and tonic will do
With a squeeze of lime.

Following after
I’ll take something quite stronger
With a shot of Jack.

Another shot now
Except Jameson this time
My, how the room spins.

Perhaps a Stella
Make it easier this round
I should have eaten.

Which drink am I on?
Is it number three or four?
This will cost a lot.

Long Island Iced Tea
Fuck me, I can’t feel me feet
Who vomited here?

“No more.  You are done.”
Don’t tell ME nothing, stupid.
Give me tequila.

It seems no one likes
When you punch the bartender
The sidewalk is cold.

How did I get home?
Where the hell is my left shoe?
Did I steal a cat?

My head really hurts
Light and Sound are my villains
God, I love Fridays.

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