6 Down, 6 To Go

To the day, it has been six months since I started this blog.  Give me a moment while I light a candle in celebration.


Each day has been an interesting challenge.  Not only is it difficult to remember to post something every single day, but it has also been a challenge to find material to blog about.  In the beginning things were easy as I had a tremendous backlog of material to go through, so posting was more about finding the picture, song, video or Word document on my computer.  But I discovered that you can go through material quite quickly when you post every single day, and it was not long before I had to start creating material to keep you, my beautiful and most fabulous and highly intelligent reader (who says you can’t win friends with an abundance of compliments?), entertained.  And since my goal is to post every single day for at least one year, the next six months are going to call for me to create a lot more than in the first half of my blog life.  So as a sort of “State of the Union”, I’m going to go through each one of my categories and detail what I am planning for the next six months on this blog.

"And there will be more funny animal pictures! For the people! For your children! AND FOR THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!"

Sunday Articles
This has ended up being the most difficult day for me, partly because the category is so open.  I am not as confident in my writing capabilities as I am with my other talents, so my original plan of posting a story every single week kind of petered out.  For the next six months, however, I hope to write more fiction than I have in the past, with a focus on creating a few serials.  One, The Judo Brothers, will be about the story of three estranged brothers coming together to save the world.  The second serial, The Many Deaths of Wallace Stone, will chronicle the unfortunate demises of a single man who might (or might not) happen to be some sort of amnesiac immortal.  I would also say I plan to do more “listy” sort of articles, but I haven’t been able to come up with any ideas for them so y’all might have to wait a while for those.

Monday Animal Thoughts
I am reaching the end of my cache of these pictures, but I have a few hundred more pictures of animals in a file just waiting to have human thoughts put to them, so I don’t worry too much about these.  But in general the format will remain pretty much the same, however I will be accepting “entries” for this category.  If you see a picture of an animal while roaming the internet that you would like to see me apply my talents to, send it along and I will do my best to post it in the following week.

Tuesday Food
I am going to continue with my current trend of posting weight-loss articles.  I am almost finished with the nutrition portion of weight-loss, after which I will move on to exercise and practice portions.  But I understand that a chunk of you started following me for the recipes and alcoholic concoctions I was posting, and I have been working on a few recipes so as not to alienate some of my audience.  These recipes include a Wasabe-Ginger-Sake cocktail, a drink I have entitled The Hanging Rose, and a noodle dish comprised mainly of breakfast foods.

Wednesday Audio
This day ended being the one I spent the most time on, and the one that has called for me to create more original material than all the other categories.  I have a few songs that I would like to record, but I hope to read more short stories in the next six months, along with some radio plays.

Thursday Video
I have already run out of material from college, so I am delving deeper into my past to bring you some things I made in high school.  One, which I have already started posting, is a forty-minute film I made entitled Air, which will take up the next month or so.  I also have a few performances that I will post, along with some bloopers and behind the scenes material from AirSWAT.  After that, I will start filming a new short every week.  Some of these will be simple exercises in filming; non-scripted shorts pertaining to one subject (the color red, or things that hang off of walls).  Others will short music videos set to some abstract/cliché 80’s music. But most of them will end up being short comedic skits.  The first will be “The Life and Times of Wilbur, The God of Weather”.  I have no idea what it will be about, but I came up with the title and figured I would just make it up as I go along.  Which is, you know, some how different than everything else I do on this blog.

Friday Cartoons
Much like the Animal Thoughts, these aren’t going to change anytime soon.  I might have to create a few more towards the end, but my backlog of cartoons is still pretty full.

Saturday Scripts
More and more of these will pertain to Phil & Rosco, and I might even begin to pen out a screenplay in front of your very eyes.

So that’s what you’re going to get in the next six months, or at least that’s the plan.  After a single year of posting every single day, I might go on a hiatus of sorts to allow myself some time to come up with new ideas.  I also will probably stop posting every single day, as it really is a pain in my ass sometimes.  Until then, I hope you have enjoyed the ride thus far and will stick with me for another six months.  I can’t promise everything will be good as even I feel I cop out sometimes just to be able to post something.  But when it isn’t good I will try to compensate you somehow.  Not with cash, but maybe with cupcakes.

And in my favorite flavor: Virtual. Nothing like a virtual cupcake.

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