Air – Part 1

During my senior year in high school, I was given an assignment in acting class to make a ten minute film.  The concept, script, and footage all had to be original, and could be about any topic that the students wanted.  Many people grouped together to make their films, but seeing as I wanted more control over the project I decided to keep to my lonesome.  I bought a camera, wrote a script and shot most of the film by myself.  The outtakes were hilarious as they would start off with me pressing record while directly in front of the camera, then running out of the shot only to return a few moments later to act the scene, and then finally rushing back to the camera to stop it.

As the project furthered, my ten minute movie quickly became a much longer short film.  When all was said and done, I had made a film almost an hour in length and at least half of that wasn’t boring.  I made a lot of mistakes, and looking back over it now sort of makes me cringe.  But I am also proud of it as I had no training whatsoever in making a film, had very limited resources, did most of it myself and still managed to make something that makes sense (which was all I was really going for). It taught me a lot about the basics of film making and also left me with the strong belief that as long as you have a camera, stay true to your vision, and are willing to film every possible way that you can, then you will always make something entertaining.

This is only the first part.  The rest of the film will be shown in the coming weeks.

You got something to say? Go ahead, I dare ya . . .

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