Just a Box

I woke Christmas morning and what did I see
But a present laying on my chest, its colors red and green
It pondered me so because I live alone and my friends all know
I don’t celebrate Christmas; I hate the winter and sugarplums and the whiteness of snow
But still, there it lay, a wrapped box of medium size
Hiding some gift that’s definitely a surprise.

I sat up in bed and brought the box to my face
Lifted it, shook it, inspected the tape
It was not heavy; in fact, it seemed empty
And I kept thinking, “Who the hell gave this to me?”
So I split the wrapper and opened the box
And what I found there left me a little shocked.

Inside of my gift was another box, exactly the same
Same color, same size, same weight.  “This is insane.”
But on the top of this gift in a gift was also a card
With my full name scripted on it, and all the i’s dotted with stars.
It said:

“Merry Christmas Rick!  I hope this finds you well.
The gift is an oddity, out of space and time it has fell
I know you don’t believe in me, or my sled, or the yuletide spirit
But when I saw this, I thought of you and knew you should have it
It didn’t cost a dime, all expenses were spared
Still, this box is quite special, so treat it with care
I know you haven’t gotten many presents, and that’s left you constantly blue
So this is a gift that keeps on giving and each one just for you
May you have a glorious Christmas! May your heart feel light and free
And know that someone thought of you this day.  Take care.  SC.”

The box was indeed special, as I have come to find
That within each one is another box of exactly the same kind
How all these boxes fit in one another, I don’t know
But I have to wriggle each one out, it’s such a tight fit so
And it has not stopped, these boxes do not end
I’ve already filled my bedroom and my hallway with them

And in each one are more boxes of infinite number
They might go on forever, but how this can be I can only wonder
But as I sit here, on a throne made of Christmas presents
I am filled with joy and merriment and utter happiness
I still don’t care for Christmas, but I’m not going to mock
Sometimes it just feels good to get a gift, even if it is just a box.

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