Phil & Rosco Celebrate the Holidays

ROSCO:  So when you coming over to watch the game?

PHIL: We’re coming around 4.

ROSCO:  The fondue’ll be ready by then.

PHIL: I got you a gift.

ROSCO: Really?

PHIL: Yeah.

ROSCO:  But I didn’t get you anything.

PHIL:  That’s fine.  You’re hosting the party.

ROSCO:  Now I’m all excited.

PHIL: Good.

ROSCO:  What is it?

PHIL:  I’m not going to tell you.  You’ll just have to wait.

ROSCO:  Is it a pony?

PHIL:  Haha, you’re funny –

ROSCO:  A pink pony?

PHIL:  I’m not saying –

ROSCO:  So it is a pony?

PHIL:  I said –

ROSCO: It’s not a pony?

PHIL:  I –

ROSCO:  Is it an otter?

PHIL: Ros –

ROSCO:  Is it a robot?

PHIL:  Stop –

ROSCO: A pink pony-riding robot otter?

PHIL: What?


PHIL:  They don’t even make those.

ROSCO:  Then how could you get me one?

PHIL: I didn’t get you one!  Those don’t exist!


PHIL:  What?

ROSCO:  I’m whittling down the list of things you didn’t get me.  I’ll know soon what you got me.

PHIL:  Jesus.

ROSCO:  You might as well tell me what you got me.

PHIL:  I’ll be there in two hours, you can’t wait?

ROSCO:  Tell me!

PHIL:  No!

ROSCO:  Is it butter?

PHIL:  I’m hanging up.

ROSCO:  Is it slippers?

PHIL:  See you in a couple of hours.

ROSCO: Is it yak fur-lined slippers made of butter?

PHIL:  Good-bye. *Click*

ROSCO:  It is, isn’t it?

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