Phil and Rosco Race For Time


People are going out to a night at the movies. People are buying tickets, laughing and having a good time. Then a loud explosion comes from the street and a car flies over the curb and hedges and makes its way to the theatre. People are screaming, jumping left and right to avoid the car. The car steers straight for the box office, speeding up. It is just about to hit when the car turns sharply and Rosco and Phil fly out of the car. They roll on the ground and quickly get up. The car speeds into a lamppost and explodes. Phil and Rosco start to run towards the box office.

INNOCENT BYSTANDER:  Dude, your car.

ROSCO:  My car?

They push people out of their way as they run towards the box office. Rosco punches a man who tries to stop him while Phil steals someone’s ice cream cone. They push and shove and beat their way through the line, reaching the front. They suddenly stop and look at the movie showings.

ROSCO:  Oh. It starts at 8:15. We’re not late.

PHIL:  (turning around)  I guess we didn’t have to rush.

Rosco turns and they both look at the trail of destruction and carnage they both produced getting to the theatre.  People are lying on the ground, rubbing bruises and groaning.  There are skid marks on the asphalt and the grass. On the street a fire truck is arriving to put out a blazing mailbox.  Cars are piled up in a large traffic accident. People are running amok. A fire hydrant bursts open and starts shooting water into the air.

ROSCO:  Let’s go get something to eat.

They were going to see Digimon.

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