The Judo Brothers – Trailer

Being a fan of comic books, but also being extremely lazy, I endeavored a few years back to make an entire graphic novel using only stick figures.  I created three characters:  Jude Judo, an ex-NYPD detective who wears a propeller beanie and carries a whip; James Judo, a Kung-Fu master with a huge from (the character was created ages before Afro Samurai); and Jose Judo, a scarred, unhinged, but brilliant scientist living in the jungles of Brazil with a large hunting knife.  Together they were the Judo Brothers, and they ended up being the leads in a cast of many peculiar and fanciful characters, such as the time-traveling (but only by one minute) Draven Daraven, the prophet clown Gronzo, and Sumo the fighting talking hippo.

I never ended up making the comic (I refer back to my statement on “laziness” and “me”), but I fell in love with the characters and ended up making a trailer for it.  But the Brothers and their friends might just grace the pages of this blog, so keep your eyes peeled.

You got something to say? Go ahead, I dare ya . . .

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