Phil and Rosco Wax Nostalgic

Phil and Rosco are walking through a grocery store, picking up food for a football game.  While walking, Chris de Burgh’s song “Lady in Red” begins to play.

ROSCO:  (scoff)  I hate this song.

PHIL:  How can you hate this song?  It means so much.

ROSCO:  What the hell are you talking about?

PHIL:  The night I asked Mary to marry me, she said yes, and then this song started to play.

ROSCO:  It did?

PHIL:  Of course!  Don’t you remember?  You were there!

Rosco stops walking and thinks back.


In Phil’s living room, Phil is down on one knee, proposing.  His new fiancé is sitting on the couch.  She screams slightly, and then jumps up and hugs Phil. 

MARY:  Yes, yes!  Of course!

They kiss, and as “Lady in Red” starts to play, they start to slow dance in the living room.  As they are slowly turning, Phil looks up and into the hallway leading to the front door.  There in the hall is Rosco, dressed like a plumber and covered head to toe with cocaine, choking a dealer/hooker.  There is money and drugs everywhere, as well as lots of boxes of Girl Scout cookies.  Rosco looks up and see Phil.  Rosco gives and inquisitive look.  Phil responds with a thumb’s up behind Mary’s back.  Rosco returns the thumb’s up, and then goes back to choking the dealer/hooker.


ROSCO:  Oh yeah, I remember.  (he listens to the song)  Good times.

They continue walking.

*Side note:  When typing it out, I realize that this idea seems a lot funnier in my head than it seems on paper, mostly because in my mind the dealer/hooker really deserves to be choked.  I don’t know what they did, but it warrants choking. 

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