Michael Etzrodt Audition Tape

While working as a carpenter for the USC School of Theatre, my supervisor and pseudo-mentor Michael Etzrodt decided for a new reality show that would call for a plucky and wise-ass carpenter.  Seeing as Mike is made up of nothing but pluck and ass wisdom, we all thought he would be perfect for the show.  So we shot an audition tape of him building a normal but sturdy table.  We shot two takes, and because no one had the time or the resources, he just sent in the best of the two.

Sadly, he was not accepted.

But I enjoyed the takes and had a blast filming them.  So when I stumbled upon the raw footage four years later, I decided I was going to try to work a little magic.  I cut the two takes together, taking the best of each, and was left with an audition that was charming, informative and funny.

Side note:  I like how he preaches about teaching safety to the kids, and then just goes and uses heavy ass power tools with now safety goggle and a tanktop.

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