The Line – By Sean Quinn

While at college, taking numerous amounts of theatre classes trying to reteach me all the stuff I had learned in high school, I always seem to end up taking my classes with a tall, good-looking guy from the east coast.  Acting 101, Intro to Theatre, etc.; always the same guy.  It wasn’t long before we started planning to take the same classes, and in a glorious example of life just throwing good friends at you from outta left field, he’s one of the people that helped shape my entire college experience and that I have kept in regular contact with since graduation.

At some point my friend Sean became interested in writing short stories, and being a person who loves to criticize the fragile work of others for my own amusement, I would edit his stories with a thick red pen, sometimes slashing out entire pages.  But despite my constant barrage of red ink, he turned out to be quite a writer and I every time he sends me a new story I eat up like a fine pastry.  I’ve been goading him to let me record some of his works and he finally sent me some small pieces that I could use.  Here is the first.  Enjoy!

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