Lazy Day Haikus

I have gotten caught up in reading Stephen King’s new book, so the short story I was going to write for today’s post has been postponed since I never actually got around to writing it.  But to hold strong to my “Post Everyday” policy, here are some haikus.  I found writing these a lot of fun and I could easily see it becoming addictive.  The inspiration for them is not that difficult to find.  “Oh look, some dead batteries!  I can write 17 syllables about that!”

Please don’t go monkey
There are no mango trees here
Just imported crap

“This is the good stuff,”
Said the cat to the junkie,
“’Nip will blow your mind.”

The rock looked upward
To the hill he just rolled down
“AGAIN PLEASE!” he cried.

“FORSOOTH!” my dad screamed
As the pie fell to the floor
“Go outside and play.”

Malcolm X was great
MLK was a badass
My heroes are dead

The actor tried hard
To pretend someone watched him
He was not that good

Autumn days pass fast
Stephen King wrote a new book
So I did no writing

I try to emulate Calvin as much as possible.

2 thoughts on “Lazy Day Haikus

  1. How is it? I have heard good things about it.
    Don’t ever apologize for reading even if it makes you postpone doing other things (like feeding your children). Whatever, now one of those children reads so much she forgets to eat, so there!

    • It’s a good read. Despite being an avid Dark Tower fan (or towerjunkie as I’ve heard them called), I think King does best when there’s not a whole lot of weird stuff in his stories. Granted it’s about time travel, but I’m much more enthralled when he just talks about the people and the times. It was hard to put the book down as I finished it in 28 hours or so.

      Kids need to be fed? Hmmm, I’ve always just watered them and turned on the television. I guess I’ve been doing it wrong this entire time.

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