An Exerpt from Two Gentlemen of California

ACT II, Scene III *

Sir Nic and Sir Joe enter.

Sir Nic – Whither and hither, tarry and fro
Whence commence our meeting this merry night so?
And lo behold how I inquire divine
Where shall we meet, your place or mine?

Sir Joe – To night upon my home we will conspire,
And unto pen and paper graft our fire.
Such conflagration wilt out minds concoct
But after workdays end, 6 o’clock.

Sir Nic – How my heart doth fly to see thee answer thus,
But zounds! I fear 6 is a rush.
At 30 of 5 from work do I part
And I’ll get to your house hopefully ere dark.
But where doth you live now?  Do pray say.
My knowledge of your current abode is a grey.

Sir Joe – When’re your journey is convenient,
You will away into the dale of Glen.
Upon riverside you’ll find me,
This house number, apartment d.

Sir Nic – Much thanks and by god give you praise!
I’ll see you that hour, on this day of days!

Sir Joe – HUZZAH!


* Entire scene takes place via texting.

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