Reaching for Valhalla (A Monologue)

MORRISON:  Valhalla is empty.  The Elysian fields are dried and dead, a dirt farm.  There is no honor in war anymore, no nobility left in fighting.  There was a time when you walked to the battlefield with a weapon that was made by hands, trained hands, a weapon that was an extension of your hands, and that when you lowered your hands against someone else, your tool and you became as one, and with that strength you were able to conquer empires.  Build cities.  Lead a people.  Or when a good gun was something that was expensive, hard to get and hard to use, when it took skill to obtain and maintain one let alone use it, there was a power to defend and to be great.  To be heroes.  But now?  Nothing.  All of that magic, the ability to be a warrior fighting for something, fighting for truth disappeared the day when guns were made en mass by machines and became far too easy to buy and shoot.  Don’t you see?  It’s not about bravery or valor anymore, those words don’t mean anything today.  It’s all about who has the most firepower.  People kill each other from hundreds of miles away, with tanks and missiles, with never ever seeing the face of the lives they take.  There is no price to pay.  No matter what you fight for, there is nothing true about that.

There is no place for a warrior in today’s societies.  Soldiers, sure.  Soldiers are mindless.  They have one purpose, to fight and win.  Not saying that isn’t honorable, but they are single minded.  A warrior struggles in every way to do that which they believe is true.  True, not good.  People only concern themselves with doing the good thing, but what is good and what is right don’t always align.  Sometimes doing a horrible act, that has a horrible price, is the truest thing to do.  Who understands that anymore?  Who wants to?

So Valhalla is empty, or if not, it has long been closed.  The shields that made up its walls are rusted, the bones that made its benches are brittle, and the spears that line the gates are dulled to the point of being mere spoons.  And it is filled with old men who have long lost the battle against the gods of old, and now just sit about trying to remember what it felt like to fight for something.  To fight for truth.  We are trying to make a world where there is no war and no fighting, where everyone gets along and weapons are just relics.  We are trying to shove out all the evil we can to make our lives a much easier place.  And in doing so, we have given up on Valhalla, and the warriors that served as our leaders.  We have given up on our heroes.

You got something to say? Go ahead, I dare ya . . .

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